by Seishin

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suhrim777 Shoegaze with the rhythm of Horrorpunk and some unclean vox in the background. You want some unique stuff, here you`ve got it. The melodies are brilliant and the singer phenomenal. Sounds like a vinyl from the seventies. The old "Misfits" meet "Life on Venus" and "Dead" (the singer). Now I`ve got it. The beginning of "Get to the Net" is from the mighty "Mutiara Damansara", the song is called "Réminiscences". Let me know if there is a tape, CD or Vinyl coming from n/x. Absolutely awesome work! Favorite track: In Flamma Ignis.
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released March 4, 2017



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Seishin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Sons and Daughters of Liberty
no place to go, no way to get there
trapped in a system that pretends to care
don't have to give in don't have to buy it
don't have to lay down and die

trapped in the doldrums of society
fighting against the hypocrisy
we're the sons and daughters of liberty
Track Name: In Flamma Ignis
as I watch the sky's falling sun, as I watch the youth one by one
so many vices of today, are killing us in so many ways
I try to offer a helping hand, and aid-train to the promised land
and I ask my half-dead friend, when will it end

when will there be a change?
why are we so vain?
will you help make a change?

this world is in flames
Track Name: Get to the Net (and Stand Your Ground)
head in my hands, this is my home
and everywhere I go I feel so alone
heart is made of ice, tortured soul
awaiting the time to achieve our goals

what doesn't kill us, will only make us stronger
we stand our ground, even if we don't belong here
enforcement will arrive, to kill what we believe
but we stand our ground, victory we shall achieve
Track Name: No One is Promised Tomorrow
isn't it funny, isn't it weird?
your life so grand, turned into what you feared
a life full of pleasure and happiness
all turned into something, something much less

he was a kid, destined for fame
until one night it fell into shame
with alcohol, cheap booze on his breathe
unexpected crash, untimely death

she was a girl, who had it all
until something happened, one night in the fall
friends and drinks, the time of her life
one too many pills, she took her own life

no one is promised tomorrow